Michael, Sara and I (Jesse) went to Jugglefest in St. Louis this past Saturday and Sunday and had an awesome time.
We left early Saturday, arrived sometime Saturday afternoon and did some passing with each other and with Jacob and Aaron from Champaign.
We left to get to the show early thinking the show started at seven. This caused us to wander about the campus trying to find the auditorium until I actually checked for free wi-fi. When we finally got there we got to hang out and juggle with some awesome kids from Circus Harmony at the very front of the line.
The show was awesome. All of the acts were fantastic. I thought Jay Gilligan’s performance in particular was very unusual and very cool.
Sunday involved more passing. I learned 12-count triangle from some awesome couple, 3-man and 5-man Shamrock from some more awesome people, and did two facing weaves and a 4-2-1 Apollo organized by the Madison guy. (Augh, me and names).
We didn’t take a whole lot of video, but here’s a video of a 5-man star and a simple takeout pattern.

Huge thanks to the organizers of the fest, pizza sellers, crashspace providers, the university for hosting, all the people we passed with and the performers at the show. Smaller but highly recommended festival with an incredible public show and lots of awesome local jugglers!

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