It’s a bit late in coming, but the Circle City Jugglers would like to throw a huge “Thanks You!” in the direction of Madison Wisconsin. Four of our members had a blast hanging out with all the jugglers at MadFest and would like to thank the MAJ for providing such a wonderful location and show once again. It’s truly one of the best fests in the Midwest, and it’s provided at the low cost of nothing. I don’t think we could recommend it enough.

Contrary to (apparent) popular opinion, we are still meeting regularly, including tonight. We meet every Thursday at NCF, even when we don’t do a good job at updating this site. If for some reason you aren’t sure we’re going to meet, don’t be afraid to contact us. Generally we have a reasonable turn out of 4-8 people every meeting, but we’d love to see more people!

Unfortunately, we have lost our winter location for Sundays until further notice. The building is under repair, and we hadn’t had a good turnout for some time anyway. Should enough interest be shown, we will attempt to arrange Sunday meetings again in the future.


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