Despite the low level of external activity, the club lives on.

Just to re-cap: We are a drop-in juggling club that meets weekly, open to the public, in the northwest wing of Nora Christian Fellowship in Indianapolis. We’re open to anyone (kids will need a parent with them) of any skill level with any kind of apparatus that is moved around by human hands.

Note: Meetings have moved permanently to Wednesday evenings, every week except for meetings falling directly on holidays, and other schedule hiccups that we will try to post.

Also, if you’ve left us a comment recently, we probably didn’t get it – we haven’t cleared out the spam in months years. Please e-mail with questions or inquiries:

St. Louis Jugglefest 2012

December 14, 2012

…was awesome. Unfortunately, only three of us were able to go. Footage incoming? (Hint: Probably not.)

Video: 17 club W at Nora

March 23, 2012

Here’s a few quick clips of a trick we spent awhile trying to hit on the 22nd at Nora. Thursday meetings continue, 6:30 PM at Nora Christian Fellowship in the back wing. Everyone’s welcome.

The Illini Fest

March 19, 2012

…was probably pretty good. No one but Jack made it due to sickness. Thanks to the Illini people for putting it on anyhow – we’ll try to make it next year. Maybe I’ll get around to putting up some of last year’s clips this week.

In the meantime, regular Thursday meetings continue at NCF. We’re also moving back toward (less regular) outside Sunday meetings – check back on Sundays to see if we’ve scheduled something.

Following recent business on rec.juggling, I think I should check in here and let you know that the club is, in fact, still active. We unfortunately haven’t kept the web site up to date regarding meeting schedules, but Thursday night meetings have been very regular for about two years with at least five attendees at most meetings.

A small contingent went to St. Louis for all three days of the St. Louis Jugglefest 2011. We apparently missed a good renegade, and the stage show was pretty cool as usual. We also saw lots of familiar faces from Illini, Madison, Chicago and St. Louis itself.

Also, Chris Lareau did some sweet shoulder throws in eight singles. Most seriously, you should have seen it.


Vincent – Year 1 Video

February 25, 2011

A nice montage of Vincent’s progress in his first year(ish) of juggling. Happy Juggle… ingth… day, Vincent.

We’ve finally managed to squeeze a video out of all of the nonsense that happened on Halloween of 2010. With the town hall unavailable because of a party, we were forced to use Michael’s house. At some point, not content merely to juggle in his eight foot ceilings, we ended up doing what we could in his 36 inch hallway. We got a lot farther than we expected…

Sorry about the sloppy encoding and the sideways bits; expect better editing on the next video.

Look for another video soon with some original tricks and even some tricks that are difficult with high ceilings.

January 20th’s Meeting

January 20, 2011

Due to the horrible weather, we have decided to meet at Nora anyway. See y’all there!

New site

October 15, 2010

This site will probably be a mess for a while…

If you need information that should be posted here, please e-mail